Industry leading provider of integrated and automated solutions

Why We Exist

With Over 15 Years Experience Rest Assured You’re In Safe Hands

Established in 2016 Cablewise Integrated Services understood the dynamic and ever changing landscape of building
automation, bridging the
electrical and automation
industries into one.

Provide a whole solution from automation services to integration of different systems to cater for our clients needs and wants.

CIS strive to achieve solutions for our clients based on their requirements. We love to find solutions to the problem that itches.


CIS can design, program and install a tailored solution to meet any project requirements with the support of its premier business partners. With the progression of NABERS and Green Star ratings, building owners and operators will and a valuable partner in CIS, with its vast experience in the development and delivery of energy management reporting and energy conservation solutions. With multi vendor design capability, CIS delivers a professional and reliable service.