Video Conferencing Systems

In the current climate, video conferencing and digital collaboration has become the backbone of business to keep operating during the pandemic and has shown to be the way of the future.


Cablewise Integrated Services

Our audio visual team will set your team up with the highest quality of video conferencing hardware and software to ensure that poor quality audio and constant connection issues are a thing of the past. We specialise in projects of all sizes, ranging from setups for small one on one meetings and even multi device conference rooms. A high quality audio and visual setup will increase the professionalism of your conferencing meetings, leading to clearer communication and less technical dramas. 

Specialising in all AV installation requirements, our Audio Visual team can design, program and install a tailored solution to meet any project requirements with the support of its premier business partners. Building owners and operators will find a valuable partner in CIS with its vast experience in the development and delivery of video conferencing and AV solutions. 

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