Building Control

Cablewise Integrated Services understands the dynamic and constantly changing landscape of building automation. With multi vendor design capability, CIS delivers a professional and reliable service


Cablewise Integrated Services

Intelligent building control is becoming a necessity in today’s society, with energy savings ratings to managing the building heating and cooling system. CIS specialises in creating a fully customisable building control system to suit your exact needs. Our professional team understands the needs of the future and can help guide you through what features are absolutely necessary to make your building future proofed. 

The key benefits of installing a complete building control system through CIS are endless. Users will experience huge sustainability improvements enabling businesses to see the reduction in energy and resource consumption through automated shut off of lighting and HVAC systems when offices are unoccupied. 

All these improvements can be seen through a controlled building head end that can make it simple to control blinds, HVAC, energy metering, emergency testing, lighting control timings and much more.

CIS can design, program and install a tailored solution to meet any project requirements with the support of its premier business partners. Building owners and operators will find a valuable partner in CIS with its vast experience in the development and delivery of our building control solutions.


Why You Should
Install a Building Control System

Cost Savings

A CIS installed building control system focusses on providing you with the best possible cost saving technology to help lower energy bills and create better forecasting. Through the automation of the lighting and HVAC systems, a building control system removes the chance of accidentally leaving the heating on all night, causing huge power bills. Our building control systems have the ability to be remotely managed eliminating call out fees for manual inspections with our automated systems detecting when equipment starts to deviate from expected performance.

Improved Working Environment

Clients will also see an improvement in the working environment of the building by introducing employees to a user centric design. CIS can provide you with a complete building control system that can enhance human resources by providing environmental systems which support the productive, creative and intellectual capacities of your employees

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