Energy Management

Managing your energy consumption is absolutely crucial in order to meet certain green star and NAEBERS ratings and furthermore saving you time and money. 


Cablewise Integrated Services

Cablewise Integrated Service can provide full energy management and monitoring so you as the client can track and optimise your energy consumption and conserve usage within a building. Our experienced team provides continuous examination of your energy data so we can identify certain paths of optimisation to improve your energy efficiency. 

CIS can design, program and install a tailored solution to meet any project requirement with the support of its premier business partners. With the progression of NABERS and Green Star ratings, building owners and operators will find a valuable partner in CIS with its vast experience in the development and delivery of energy management reporting and energy conservation solutions.

There are huge benefits to installing a CIS energy management system including massive cost reductions, a lowered carbon footprint and enhanced staff well-being.


Why you should
upgrade your Lighting Control

Lower Carbon Footprint

With an energy management system it is much easier to work towards lowering a business carbon footprint. Consumers are more than ever before interested in how environmentally friendly a business is. Through an energy management system the business can analyse ways to lower their carbon footprint thus helping to greatly improve brand image. Companies around the globe are highlighting what they are doing to make their practices more environmentally friendly and introducing an Energy Management System can be a good place to start. 

Cost Savings

A CIS installed energy management system focusses on providing you with the best possible cost saving technology to help lower energy bills and create better forecasting. Through the automation of the lighting and HVAC systems, an energy management system tracks and stores your energy usage history to allow you to budget better for energy usage based on time of year, weather, and many other factors. Our building control systems have the ability to be remotely managed eliminating call out fees for manual inspections with our automated systems detecting when equipment starts to deviate from expected performance.

Improved Staff Well-Being

Clients will also see a great improvement in staff well-being. By bringing a focus to what energy is being used, an EMS has the ability to control every aspect of your building’s energy performance, such as HVAC and lighting, enabling you to create a comfortable working environment for staff. These improved working conditions and environmentally conscious choices help to improve employee satisfaction.

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