Remote management and servicing

At Cablewise Integrated Service we pride ourselves on our reliable and efficient remote management systems and services.


Cablewise Integrated Services

Our remote management system provides our customers with remote assistance with their integrated system and remote servicing. These systems allow for us to monitor your lighting control/head end systems, analyse for any faults and make any changes necessary remotely, allowing your team to work in peace with no interruptions. 

CIS can design, program and install a customised solution to meet any project requirements. Building owners and operators will find a valuable partner in CIS with its vast experience in the development and delivery of remote management and servicing solutions.

By allowing CIS to install one of these systems you will see huge benefits including minimised downtime if something were to go wrong along with reduced maintenance time and costs.

Why you should install a Remote Management

 and Servicing system with CIS

Minimised Downtime

Downtime of lighting control/head end systems can be extremely damaging for any business, these down times immediately reduce revenue and can even see the business losing vital documents. Our installed remote management services can often detect problems before they can adversely affect users but we are also able to connect remotely to the systems and fix the problems manually getting your team back to work as soon as possible.

Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs

Remote desktop web access allows us to install and update software remotely when the systems are not in use. Software updates are the most common system maintenance tasks, by being able to remotely do them, you are able to save callout costs and reduce the downtime on these systems. Servicing remotely makes it very efficient for us to attend to client issues at a moment’s notice.

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